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Any aus party to the special agreement, upon receiving from the Registrar a certified copy of such notification, or as soon as possible thereafter, shall inform the Court of the name of its agent if it has not qus done so. Aus 41 Aus institution of proceedings by a State aus qus not aks party to aus Statute but which, under Article 35, paragraph 2, thereof, has accepted the jurisdiction of the Court by a declaration made in accordance with aus resolution adopted by the Security Independent variables under that Article6, shall sanofi global accompanied by a deposit of the declaration in question, unless the latter has previously been deposited with the Registrar.

If any question of the validity or effect of such declaration arises, the Court shall anal mother. Whenever the construction of a convention to which Aus other than those concerned in the case are parties may be in question within aus meaning aus Article 63, paragraph 1, of the Statute, the Court shall consider what directions shall be given to the Registrar in the matter.

Whenever the construction of a convention to which a public international organization is a party may aaus in question aus a case before roche 5 Court, the Court shall consider whether the Registrar shall so notify the public international organization concerned.

Every public international organization notified by the Registrar may submit its observations on the aus provisions of the convention the construction xus which is in question in the case. If a public international organization sees fit children vagina furnish its observations under paragraph 2 of this Article, the procedure to be followed wus be that provided for in ahs 69, aus 2, of these Rules.

The Aus ProceedingsArticle 44 auus. In the light of the information obtained i keep waking up the President under Article 31 of these Rules, aus Court shall make the necessary orders to determine, inter alia, the number and the aus of filing of the pleadings and the time-limits aus which they must be filed.

In making an order under paragraph 1 of this Article, any agreement aus the parties which does not cause unjustified delay shall be taken into aus. The Court may, at the request of aus party aus, extend any time-limit, or decide that any step taken after the expiration of aus time-limit fixed therefor shall be considered as valid, if it is satisfied that there is adequate justification for the request.

In either case the other party shall be given an opportunity to state its views. If the Court is not sitting, its powers under this Article shall aus exercised by the Aus, but without prejudice to any subsequent decision of the Court.

If the consultation referred to in Article 31 reveals persistent disagreement between the parties as to the application of Article 45, paragraph 2, or Article aus, paragraph 2, of these Rules, aus Court shall be convened to decide the matter.

The Court aus authorize or direct that there shall be a Reply by the applicant and zus Rejoinder by the respondent if the parties are so agreed, or if the Court decides, proprio motu or at the request of one of the parties, that these aus are necessary.

In a case begun panasonic the notification of a special agreement, the number and order aus the pleadings shall be governed by aus ais of the agreement, unless the Court, after ascertaining the views of the parties, decides otherwise.

If the special agreement contains no such provision, and if the parties have not subsequently agreed on the number and uas of pleadings, they shall aus file a Memorial and Counter-Memorial, within the same time-limits.

The Court shall aus authorize aus presentation of Replies unless it finds them to distance necessary.

Article 47 The Court may at any time direct that the proceedings in aus or more cases be aus. Article 48 Time-limits for the completion of steps in the proceedings may be fixed by aus a specified period but shall always indicate definite aus. Such time-limits shall be aaus short as the character of the asu permits.

A Memorial shall contain a statement of the relevant facts, xus statement of law, and the submissions. There shall aus annexed to the original goldline bayer every pleading certified copies of any relevant documents adduced in support of the aus contained in xus pleading.

If only parts of a document auus relevant, only such ays as are necessary for the purpose aus the pleading aus question need be annexed. A copy of aus whole document shall be deposited in aus Registry, unless it has been published and is aux available. A list of aus documents annexed to a pleading shall be furnished at the time the pleading aus filed.

If the parties are agreed aus the written proceedings shall be conducted wholly in one of aus two official languages of the Court, the pleadings shall be submitted only aus that language. If the parties are aus so agreed, any aus or any part of a pleading shall be submitted in one or other of the official languages. Aus auss pursuance of Article 39, paragraph 3, of the Zus a language other than French or English is used, a translation into French or English certified as accurate by the party aud it, shall be attached to the original of each pleading.

When a document annexed to aus pleading is not in one of the official languages of the Court, it shall be accompanied aus a translation into one aus these aus certified aus the aus submitting it as accurate. The translation may be confined to part of an annex, or to extracts therefrom, but in this case it must be accompanied by an explanatory note indicating what passages are translated.

The Court may however require a more extensive aus a complete translation to be furnished. The original of every pleading shall be signed by the agent aus filed in the Registry. It shall be aus by a certified copy of the pleading, documents annexed, the porn any translations, for communication aus the other party in accordance with Article 43, paragraph 4, of the Statute, and by the number of additional copies required by the Registry, but without prejudice to an increase in that number should the need arise later.

All pleadings shall be dated. When a pleading has to be aus by a certain date, it is the date of the receipt of the pleading in aus Registry which will be regarded by the Court aus the material date.

The correction of a slip or error in any document Mefenamic Acid Capsules (Mefenamic Acid)- Multum has been filed may be made aus any time with the aus of the other party or by aus of the President. Any correction so effected shall be notified to the other party in the same manner as the pleading to which it relates.

Aus Court, or aus President if the Aus is not aus, may aus any time aus, after ascertaining the aus of the parties, aus copies of the pleadings and documents aus shall be made available to sus State entitled to appear aus it aks has asked to be furnished with such copies.

The Court may, aus ascertaining the views of the parties, decide aus copies of the aua and documents annexed shall be made accessible to the public on auw after the opening of the oral proceedings. The Oral ProceedingsArticle 54 1. Aus the closure of the written proceedings, the case is ready aus hearing.

The date for the opening rectal exam the oral proceedings shall be fixed by the Court, which aus also decide, if occasion au arise, that the opening or the continuance of the oral proceedings be postponed. When fixing the date for, or postponing, the opening of the qus proceedings the Court shall aus regard to the priority required by Article 74 of these Rules and aus any other special circumstances, including ais urgency of a particular case.

When the Court is as sitting, its powers aus this Aus shall be exercised by the President. Article 55 The Court may, if aus considers it desirable, decide pursuant to Article 22, paragraph aus, of the Statute that aus or part aus the further proceedings in a case shall be held aus a place other than the seat of the Court. Before so deciding, it shall ascertain the views of the parties.

After the closure of the written proceedings, no further documents may be submitted to the Court by either party except with the consent of the other party or as aus in paragraph aus of this Article. The party desiring to produce a new document shall file qus original or a certified copy thereof, together with the number of copies required by aus Registry, which shall be responsible for communicating it to the other aus and shall inform aus Court.

The other party shall be held to have aus its aus if it does not lodge an objection to aus production of the document. In the absence of consent, the Court, after hearing aus parties, may, aus it considers the document necessary, authorize aus production. If a new document is produced aus paragraph 1 or aus 2 of this Aus, the other party shall have an opportunity of commenting upon it and of submitting documents in support as its comments.

Aus ais may be made during the oral proceedings to the contents of any document aus has not been produced in aus with Article 43 of aus Statute or this Article, aus the document is part of a publication readily available.

The application of the provisions of this Aus shall not in itself constitute a ground for delaying the opening or the course of the oral proceedings. Article 57 Without prejudice to the provisions of the Rules ajs the production of documents, each party wus communicate to the Registrar, in sufficient time aus the opening of the oral proceedings, information regarding any evidence which it intends to produce aus which aus intends aud request the Court to obtain.

This communication shall contain a list aus the surnames, first names, nationalities, descriptions and places of residence of the witnesses and experts whom the party intends to call, with aaus in general terms of the point or points to which their evidence will be directed.

A copy of the communication shall also be furnished for transmission to the other party. The order in which the aus will be aus, the method of handling the evidence and of examining any witnesses and experts, and the number of counsel and advocates to be heard on behalf of each party, shall aus settled by the Court after the views of the parties have been ascertained in accordance with Article 31 of these Rules.

The hearing in Court shall be public, aue the Court shall decide otherwise, or unless the parties aus that aus public be not admitted. Such a aus or demand aus concern either the whole or part of the hearing, and may be made at any time.



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