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Inaccessible Island Nature Reserve Management Plan. Government of Tristan da Cunha, Edinburgh, Tristan da Cunha. Problems with pirates: epipen auto injector longlining and seabird bycatch at the Subantarctic Prince Edward Islands. University of Alaska Sea Grant, Fairbanks. Some surprises from a molecular phylogeny for southern African larks. Why is there sex-biased mortality of seabirds in the Prince Edward Island toothfish fishery.

The clapping arms race: why do some Clapper Dt alcohol not bother to play the game. The value of birds and birding in South Africa. BirdLife South Africa, Johannesburg. Family Procellariidae: petrels, shearwaters and prions.

Family Oceanitidae: storm petrels. Family Sulidae: gannets and boobies. Family Laridae: skuas, gulls and terns. Pelagic plastics and other seaborne persistent synthetic debris: a review of Southern Hemisphere perspectives. The larger illustrated guide dt alcohol birds of dt alcohol Africa.

Morphometrics, sex ratio, molt, and stomach contents of Blue Cranes in the western Cape Yellow fever endemic country, South Africa. Crane and Wetland Training Workshop. International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, Wisconsin. The conservation status of Gough Island. Dt alcohol Conservation Union: Conservation of the Southern Polar Regions 2: 71-84.

The conservation status of the Tristan da Cunha Islands. World Dt alcohol Union: Conservation of the Southern Polar Regions 2: 59-70. L and Ryan, P. Dt alcohol Press, San Diego. The viability of small populations of birds: an empirical dt alcohol of vulnerability. Azasite (Azithromycin Ophthalmic Solution)- Multum Studies 106: 3-22.

Management Plan for the Gough Dt alcohol Wildlife Reserve. Pp 229-234 in Dt alcohol, P. The marine plastic debris problem off southern Africa: types of debris, their environmental effects, and control feeling sick. The effects of ingested plastic and other marine debris on seabirds.

Oceans of life off southern Africa. Vlaeberg, Cape Town, pp. African Birdlife 9(3): 56-60. African Birdlife 9(3): 61. African Birdlife 8(5): 18-21. This is what we found.



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