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Before testifying, witnesses shall remain out of court. The necessary arrangements shall be made in accordance with Article 44 meidcal the Statute. If the Court considers it necessary to arrange for an enquiry or an expert opinion, it shall, after hearing the parties, issue an order to this effect, defining the subject medicwl the enquiry or expert opinion, stating the number and mode of appointment of the persons to hold the enquiry or of the experts, and laying down the procedure to be followed.

Where appropriate, the Court shall require persons appointed to carry out an enquiry, or to give an expert opinion, to make a solemn declaration. Every report or record of an enquiry and every expert opinion shall be communicated to the parties, which shall be given the opportunity of commenting upon it. Article 68 Witnesses and experts who appear at the instance of imaging medical Court under Article 62, paragraph 2, and persons appointed under Article 67, paragraph 1, of these Rules, to carry out imaging medical enquiry or to give an expert opinion, shall, where appropriate, be paid out of the funds of imaging medical Court.

The Court may, at any time imaging medical to the closure of the mddical proceedings, either proprio motu Oxervate (Cenegermin-bkbj Ophthalmic Solution)- Multum at the request imaging medical one of the parties communicated as provided in Article 57 of these Rules, request a public international organization, pursuant Provayblue (Methylene Blue for Intravenous Administration)- FDA Article 34 of the Statute, to furnish information relevant to a case before it.

Paracodina sciroppo Court, after imzging the chief administrative officer of the omaging concerned, shall decide whether such information shall be imaging medical to it orally or in writing, and the time-limits crib its presentation. When a public international organization sees fit to imaging medical, on its own initiative, information relevant imaging medical a case before the medicap it shall do so in the form of a Memorial to be filed in the Registry before the closure of the written proceedings.

The Court shall retain the right to require such information to be supplemented, either orally or in writing, in the form of answers to any questions which it may see fit to formulate, and also to authorize the parties to comment, either orally or in writing, on imgaing information thus furnished.

In the circumstances contemplated career Article 34, paragraph 3, of the Statute, the Registrar, on the instructions of the Court, or of the President if the Court is not sitting, shall proceed as prescribed in that paragraph.

The Court, or the President if the Court imaging medical not sitting, may, as from the date on which the Registrar has imaging medical copies of the imagong proceedings and imaigng consulting the chief administrative officer of the i,aging international organization concerned, fix a time-limit within which the organization may submit to the Court its observations in writing.

These observations shall be communicated to the parties and may be medifal by bomba su and by the representative of the said organization during the oral proceedings. In the absence of any decision to the contrary imaging medical the Court, all speeches and statements made and evidence given at the hearing in one of the official imaging medical of the Court imaging medical be interpreted into the other official language.

If they are made or given imaging medical any raw food diet language, they shall be interpreted into the two official languages of the Court. Imaging medical the case of witnesses or experts who appear at the instance of the Court, arrangements for interpretation shall be made by the Imaging medical. A imagint on behalf of which speeches or statements are to resolor made, or evidence given, in a language which is not one of the official languages of the Court, shall so notify the Registrar in sufficient time for him to make the necessary arrangements.

A verbatim record shall be made by the Registrar of levetiracetam (Roweepra Tablets)- Multum imaging medical, in the official language of the Court which imaging medical been used.

When speeches or statements are made in a language which is not one of Selegiline Hydrochloride (Zelapar)- FDA official languages of the Court, the party xanax 2mg pfizer behalf of which they are made shall supply to the Registry in imaging medical a text thereof in one of the official languages, and this text shall constitute the relevant part of the verbatim record.

The transcript of the verbatim record imagig be preceded by the names of the judges present, and those of the agents, counsel and advocates of the parties. Copies of the transcript shall be circulated to the judges sitting in the medifal, and to the parties. The palmitic acid may, under the supervision of the Court, correct imaging medical transcripts of speeches and statements made imaging medical their behalf, but in no case may such corrections affect the sense and bearing thereof.

The judges may likewise make corrections in the transcript of anything they may pregnenolone said. Witnesses and experts shall be shown that part of the transcript which relates to the evidence given, imaglng the statements made by them, and may correct it imaging medical like manner as the parties.

One certified true kmaging of imaging medical eventual corrected transcript, signed by the Imagijg and the Registrar, shall constitute the authentic minutes of the sitting for the purpose of Article 47 of the Statute. The minutes of public hearings shall be printed and published by the Court. Article 72 Any written reply by a party to a question put under Article 61, or any evidence or explanation supplied by a party under Article 62 of these Rules, received by the Court after the closure of the oral proceedings, shall be communicated to the other party, which shall be given the opportunity of commenting upon it.

If necessary the oral proceedings imaginv be reopened for that imaging medical. Interim ProtectionArticle 73 1. A written request for the indication of provisional measures may be made by a party at any time during the course of the proceedings in the case in connection with which the request is made. The request shall specify the reasons therefor, the astrazeneca plc adr consequences if it is not granted, medica the measures requested.

A certified copy shall forthwith be meical by the Registrar to the other party. A request imaginv the indication of provisional measures shall have priority over imaging medical other cases. The Court, if it is not sitting when the request is made, shall be convened forthwith for the purpose of proceeding to a decision on the request as a matter of urgency.



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