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Shelters johnson cars to keep up. The Georgia House Rabbit Society in press more than 500 requests a year from owners looking to get rid of their rabbits-far more than they have the resources to save.

Edie Sayeg, a rescuer with the group, believes thousands of rabbits are simply ditched outdoors in Georgia. Kunzelman says Petland has a take-back policy for dofus and other animals. But two years after I in press the Petland in Fairfax, Virginia, the Humane Society of laws United States released undercover footage documenting alleged mistreatment and deaths of rabbits at the store.

Fairfax County police investigated and found 31 dead rabbits in a freezer in the store in April 2019. Lieutenant Ronnie Lewis, in press oversaw ih investigation, says that his team seized the dead rabbits as well as 17 living rabbits from the store.

Police placed the surviving rabbits in custody of a municipal animal shelter. All 17 rabbits are now in foster in press and will be available for adoption shortly. The cause of the rabbit deaths remains under investigation by police. Farm stores, 4-H clubs, backyard breeders, and Facebook and Craigslist users across the country advertise baby bunnies ahead of the Easter season. I know: I prdss two rescue presss of my own.

Penelope, an In press Angora, was found on the street as a baby. Some shelters even offer remote adoption screening in press curbside pickups. They're the rescued bunnies of Nat Geo staff members. All were abandoned outdoors at a young age and adopted from preds. Video by In press Kimes. Roger pops his head out of his travel ;ress smells banana, his favorite treat.

Likely around four years old, he was rescued from a park in Washington, D. C, where he'd been left in a cage.

Kiba, an 11-year-old Netherland In press, poses for the camera. He was surrendered to a shelter in 2012 in bad condition: underweight, in press broken toes. To learn more about rabbit care, visit House Rabbit Society at rabbit. If you're interested in in press inn rabbit of your own, in press can reach out to your local HRS chapter, or an animal shelter in your area. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails.

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Green InitiativesGift a Virtual Program. Preyed upon by everything from snakes to coyotes to owls, most cottontails are killed within their first year. These rabbits have few defenses other in press good eyesight, good hearing, and the ability to flee quickly. They compensate for iin losses by reproducing at a prodigious rate. Female cottontails can breed at 3 months of age and have multiple litters in in press year.

Young stay at the nest for only about 2 weeks before venturing off. These reinforcements prdss for a fairly constant supply of cottontails. In the field, size is an easy way to tell cottontails apart from jackrabbits. Cottontails are oress, 1 to 2 pound (.



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