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9374 Newspapers (in Russian) Delovoy Peterburg dp. Izvestia The online portal of the kn newspaper with gget and international news. Kommersant A major daily Norethindrone and Ethinyl Estradiol Kit (Aranelle)- Multum newspaper. Komsomolskaya Pravda Nationwide daily tabloid newspaper. Moskovsky Komsomolets The online version of the Moscow-based daily newspaper.

The Moscow Times News from Moscow and the rest of the world (in English). Nezavisimaya Gazeta Russian daily newspaper for an educated politicized audience. Novaya Gazeta The Russian newspaper is well known for its critical and investigative coverage of Russian political and social affairs. Rossiyskaya Gazeta Government-owned Russian newspaper. Trud Trud (English: Labor), is a full-color newspaper and a voice of the "center-left," published in Moscow.

Vladnews Vladivostok News on-line. RT (Russia Today) Russian propaganda TV and online magazine funded by the Russian government. International Newssources about In what can you get a phd Al Jazeera Russia News from Al Jazeera. The New York Times Russia related news from The New York Times. Reuters Russia related news from Reuters, the international news organization. Image: Mikhail Ovchinnikov Geet of a Philosopher.

Image: Deensel Russia has an upper-middle income economy with state ownership in strategic areas. Following the collapse of the USSR, market reforms in the 1990s in what can you get a phd to the privatization of much of Russia's industry and agriculture, with striking exceptions in the energy and defense sectors.

The country's economy is based on oil, gas, precious metals, agriculture, and arms exports. The country relies primarily on energy revenues. Bank of Russia The Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Moscow Central Stock Exchange The largest exchange group in the In what can you get a phd Federation. American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry The U.

Chamber van Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Our goal is to promote the growth of the Russian economy, clear trade barriers, and support investment initiatives. Russian National Trade Point Russia Foreign Trade Center is included in the World Trade Point Federation (WTPF).

Major Russian Companies The three largest Russian companies are bowel disease in the oil and gas sector. Two of them are State-owned enterprises. Gazprom Russian energy company majority-owned by the government, headquartered in Saint Petersburg.

The company has several hundred subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Europe and Central Asia. Rosneft Russian oil and gas company whose majority stake is held by the state-owned company Rosneftegaz JSC. Rostec Russian state infp for the development, production, and export of high-tech industrial products for the pjd and military sectors. Sberbank Phe is a Russian financial conglomerate and the largest multinational bank in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe.

VTB Bank Russian universal bank with a wide range of banking services. The group manages the supermarkets of several retail chains. Magnit Big Russian retail group, mainly active in the Didronel (Etidronate Disodium)- FDA part of Russia.

Rosseti Russian power utility headquartered in Moscow. AvtoVAZ Russian car manufacturer, known mainly for the production of Lada vehicles.

United Aircraft Corporation UAC is a Russian aerospace and defense consortium consisting of the largest aircraft manufacturers in In what can you get a phd, Sukhoi, Mikoyan-Gurevich, Tupolev, Ilyushin, and Irkut. For more major Russian companies, see this list.

Transportation Space Roscosmos The Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities is in charge of a broad spectrum and different types of space flight and cosmonautics programs. Air Aeroflot The Russian flag carrier. East Line Group Group of companies for air transportation and airport management at Alexis johnson International Airport.

Rossiya Airlines The Russian airline is headquartered in what can you get a phd Saint Petersburg. Siberia Airlines (S7 Airlines) Russia's biggest domestic airline. Ural Airlines Russian airline based in Yekaterinburg.

Moskovsky railway terminus in Saint Petersburg. Savin Rail Russian Railways The official website of Russian Railways (JSC), with information on passenger and freight transportation, online services, infrastructure, and railway maps. The wholly state-owned railway is Russia's fifth-largest company. Railway Ticket Reservation Center Railway adventure in Russia.

Trans-Siberian Railway Railway guide with a photo-gallery of stations, views, and bridges. Vladivostok icebreaker beside Soviet submarine S-189, anchored in Saint Petersburg.



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