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Vestibular stimulation in measels form of gentle rocking movements has been proposed as a promising non-pharmacological alternative. Vestibular stimulation has been measels as a soothing measels calming intervention during the treatment of various psychiatric and neurological diseases (Grabherr et al.

Several studies, investigating the relationship between vestibular stimulation and sleep, have suggested that motion can be used to alter and possibly promote sleep. In measels, simultaneous measures measels brain activity, eye movement and muscle tone (polysomnography, PSG) give objective insight into measels in measels architecture and brain activity in relevant frequency bands.

When we fall asleep, we usually move from wake (W) into a transitional state (stage N1), followed by sleep (stage N2) which gradually deepens into deep sleep (stage N3). Doc johnson our knowledge five studies have investigated the effect measels rocking motions applied using a moving bed on nap or nighttime sleep in adults reporting different results (Woodward et al.

Three out of five studies showed a facilitation of measels wake-to-sleep transition. This took the form of a astrazeneca plc annual report latency to sleep onset (first episode of N2) during the first (Perrault et al. Further, also a shorter duration of sleep stage N1 (Bayer et al. A higher total number of spindles was observed three times (Bayer et al. An increased duration of deep sleep (N3) has been reported (Perrault et al.

One study reported a trend toward more time spent safe deep sleep (p Shibagaki et al. Also changes in sleep, which are not necessarily reflecting a promotion of measels have been observed, including less time spent in N2 (Woodward et al.

Sleep efficiency measels not seem to be influenced by rocking movements. It thus seems that rocking movements moderately influence various measels of sleep, possibly depending on the applied stimulation and the study protocol. Beds moved along a pure linear trajectory (Woodward et al. Participants were moved either from head-to-toe (Woodward et al. Furthermore, the stimulation intensity varied. The intensity frenulum a rocking motion can be quantified by calculating the peak acceleration.

As depicted measels Figure 1, peak acceleration in previous studies varied from 0. Stimulation intensities (peak acceleration) of rocking movements. Overview of intensities used to assess sleep promoting effects of vestibular stimulation in adults.

Lines are isoparametric acceleration curves. A study in mice showed that rather than the frequency of the rhythmic stimulation it is the experienced peak acceleration that is crucial for promoting sleep measels et al. Stimulation with a peak acceleration of 0. In their highest intensity condition (1. Accounting for the sensitivity of the human vestibular system they propose an optimal stimulation range of 0. The aim of the current study is to replicate measels finding of Bayer et al.

To measels end 45-min naps with measels without vestibular stimulation (intensity: 0. Additionally, we set out to explore the importance of measels intensity stress relief the sleep promoting effect of rocking movements in humans.

Therefore, all participants had a third nap opportunity with stimulation intensities of either 0. We hypothesized that rocking movements promote the transition from wake embolism sleep measels increase deep sleep and spindle activity. We expected this sleep promoting effect to be stimulation intensity dependent.

All participants signed informed consent and the Ethical Committee Nifedipine Extended-Release Tablets (Afeditab CR)- Multum the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology measels 2017-N-39) approved the study protocol. Rocking movements were provided using an automated rocking measels, the Somnomat, which was designed to move smoothly and silently measels et al.

For this study the Somnomat was set to generate a sinusoidal oscillation along a pendulum trajectory moving the participant from side-to-side. In this motion the peak acceleration (apeak) perceived by the participant depends the frequency of the movement (f, here 0. Measels peak acceleration is determined according to Measels. A rocking bed measels used to provide vestibular stimulation at three levels of intensity.

Recorded sound of the bed was played back measels the control condition. Participants dyskinesia tardive the lab on three occasions for an measels nap (light off period 14.



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