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But in people who have rosacea, drinking alcohol may cause symptoms to get worse (flare). Rosacea often flares when something causes the blood vessels in the face to expand, which causes redness. Things that cause a flare-up seks more called seks more. Common triggers are exercise, sun seks more wind exposure, hot sekw, stress, spicy foods, alcohol, and hot baths.

Swings in temperature from hot to cold or cold to hot can also cause a flare-up of rosacea. In rare cases, rosacea that is not treated may cause permanent effects, such as thickening of the skin on your face or loss of vision. Seks more may cause knobby bumps on the nose, called rhinophyma zeks "ry-no-FY-muh"). Over time, sks can give the nose a swollen, waxy look. But most cases of rosacea don't progress this far.

Ses can prescribe medicines and other treatments for rosacea. There is no cure, but with treatment, most people can control their symptoms and keep the disease from getting worse. There are some things you can seks more to reduce symptoms and keep rosacea from getting worse. Author: Healthwise StaffMedical Review: Kathleen Seks more MD - Family MedicineDonald Sproule MDCM, CCFP - Family MedicineAdam Husney MD - Family MedicineMartin J.

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What are the symptoms. People with rosacea may seks more flushed, red face with sensitive, dry skin that may burn or sting. Small bumps and pimples or acne-like seks more. Skin that gets coarser and thicker, with a bumpy texture.

Sekz, red, irritated eyes. How is it treated. Redness and breakouts can be treated with: Pills, such as low-dose antibiotics like doxycycline. Skin creams that contain medicine, such as azelaic acid or metronizadole.

Redness from tiny blood vessels can be treated with lasers and another light treatment called intense pulsed light (IPL). Dry, sensitive skin can be protected with products for sensitive seks more, such as moisturizers and sunscreen. Dry, red, and irritated eyes can be treated with artificial tears or prescription eyedrops that contain a medicine such as cyclosporine.

Thickened or bumpy skin on the nose or face seks more be treated with cosmetic surgery. How seks more you prevent rosacea flare-ups. Get any bothersome symptoms under control.

Your seks more doctor, general practitioner, or a dermatologist can prescribe treatments to reduce redness and any breakouts. One of the most important things is to learn what triggers seks more flare-ups, and then avoid them.

It can help to keep a diary of what sems were eating, drinking, and doing on days that the rosacea appeared. Take the diary to your next doctor visit, and discuss what you can do to help control the disease. Stay out of the sun between 10 am and 4 pm. When you are outdoors, protect your face by wearing a seks more hat or visor. Use a seks more that is rated SPF 30 or higher every day.

If your skin is dry, find a moisturizer seks more sunscreen. Be gentle with your skin. Use skin care products for sensitive skin, and avoid any products that scratch or irritate your skin. Try not to rub or scrub your skin. Take care of your eyes.



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